Hair Extension Specialists

Weave Got Style offer a simple yet affective method of hair extension application. It does not use any form of bonding or gluing. We simply tie the hair extensions onto tiny scalp plaits using thread. Using this method you can achieve longer and thicker hair.


If you are only looking for volume and do not want length this look can also be achieved.


If you want to add extensions for colour instead of highlighting your own hair this look can also be achieved.


A full head of hair weave can be applied in under an hour* and removal in *15-20 mins.


You can easily have your roots highlighted or coloured with the hair extensions in. You can also have your extensions removed to have your roots done if you prefer and then have them re –fitted once you have had your hair done.

What Else?

You can also have a hair weave fitted in for a weekend or special occasion such as a prom or a birthday.

Wedding hair

A bride can have the hair extensions fitted in for her wedding day. As they don't take hours to remove, they are perfect short term and can even be removed before you go off on your honey moon.

You can choose length, colour and thickness of human hair extensions. Clients also have the option of curly, wavy or straight hair weave.

After care 

This natural method of fitting hair extensions means you can also wash and style the hair extensions. Carefully follow our aftercare instructions when washing the hair taking care not rub or twist the hair extensions.

Use Weave Got Style Shampoo ,Conditioner and Styling Serum to keep your extensions in fabulous condition.

*Times may vary according to style

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