About us

Hair extensions can be used to achieve volume, colour and length. Hair weave is amazing because you don't need to wait for your hair to grow. If your'e in that in between transition from growing out a bob, they are perfect as you can avoid having to wait and your hair will grow with the hair weave in. Also if you have fine hair or hair that does not grow they can be used to achieve instant volume or length.

As there is no glue involved and the hair is simply threaded into your hair, the method used is very simple yet effective. Unlike other methods which can take hours we can give you a full head in an hour*. This lasts four to eight weeks. Removal is easy ,there are no chemicals involved, and again you don't need to sit there for hours.

At Weave Got Style we position and blend the human hair extensions to make them look as natural as possible. We use high quality, luxury human hair, this means you can wash your hair with the hair weave in. The human hair extensions are securely attached so unlike clip in hair extensions there is very little chance of them falling out. Also you can use straighteners and curling tongs on the hair. Maintenance is very easy the hair weave simply grows with your hair. As the human hair extensions grow out you can come back and have the hair re-tied.

*Times may vary according to style

Our Salons

  • Selfridges
    400 Oxford Street,
    W1A 1AB
    0800 138 7425
    07507 422 577

  • Selfridges
    The Trafford Centre
    M17 8AA
    0161 748 4663

  • Selfridges
    The Bullring
    Upper Mall East Birmingham
    B5 4BP
    07939 407 774

  • House of Fraser
    House of Fraser has now closed please visit your nearest Weave Got Style at Bluewater or Oxford Street

  • Bluewater Shopping Centre
    Lower Ground
    DA9 9ST
    0757 260 3545

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